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Janet Allen-Aziz, Director

Janet Allen-Aziz was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the eighth of ten children. She moved to the Seacoast area in 1985 after studying nursing at Marquette University. Jan has always been a fitness enthusiast, working as an aerobics instructor and personal fitness trainer for several years. When the demands of raising a family required her full attention, she began coaching swimming, lacrosse, and soccer for her children’s teams.

An avid swimmer and runner since high school, Jan started running marathons in 1995, qualifying for Boston six times and taking home six medals- one for each of her six children. She also placed first in her age group in the 2003 Bay State Marathon. But after completing her fastest time ever in that race, Jan was faced with the prognosis of surgery for her ailing back and hip if she continued running. Reluctantly, Jan hung up her running shoes, and on the advice of a good friend, she tried the Bikram Yoga series. By the end of her first class, Jan had decided what she wanted to do with the rest of her life – teach Bikram Yoga! The workout, the sweating, the energy it gave her, and the amazing sense of well-being that came with it was just what she needed in her life, and it quickly cured the persistent pain she had been experiencing for the previous couple years!

Jan completed her teacher training in Los Angeles in 2006, and has taught in four Bikram Yoga studios in the last few years. She is a motivational teacher who puts her heart and soul into every class she teaches, and her students thank her for it!

Jan’s children, Sam, Dani, Mercer, Sawyer, Simon, and Hobie, have been the focus of her life for the past twenty-three years, and all six have played a major role in helping to launch Bikram Yoga Seacoast. The studio represents the culmination of a dream for Jan, as Bikram Yoga helped her get through the most challenging time of her life and be the best single Mom she could be while navigating her family through many challenges.

Now Jan is eager to share her strength and passion with others, especially those who struggle to maintain clarity in their own lives. She and her husband Paul, who owns Yankee Clipper Harbor Tours in Newburyport, reside in North Hampton, NH.

“A heathly mind and body isn’t achieved by being complacent. One has to give his or her 100% in each class to reap the benefits of the yoga. Otherwise, they’re just cheating themselves.”