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Bikram Yoga Seacoast Membership Packages

Intro Month Special
*For people who are new to the studio.
1 Class Drop-in $20
10 Class Pass $150
($15 per class)
20 Class Pass $260
($13 per class)
30 Class Pass $330
($11 per class)
All Above Class Passes expire 1 year after purchase.
Out of Town Tourist Package, 7 Days $60
1 Month Unlimited New Member Special $39
1 Month Unlimited $145
1 Month Unlimited by Automatic Debit $99
6 Month Unlimited $675
1 Year Unlimited $1049


Special Student Rates for High School and College Students:

10% off all above Class Packages for High School and College students only.

Please bring your student ID to be eligible discounts. 

Class Packages and Gift Cards can be purchased on-line. Click on the link below, Click sign up to create an account and purchase what you need at your convenience!

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