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There will be no Meditation Classes during the summer!
Please check back in the Fall 2016 for class dates and time.
Thank You!

Bikram Yoga Seacoast, in partnership with Deb Silke of Intuitive Sound Therapy, is about to launch a powerful new program combining the healing power of sound and lay-down meditations.
As many of you already know, a single sound meditation can trigger the release of stressors, inducing deep relaxation not often reached even by regularly practicing meditators. Imagine then what regular weekly exposure to the sounds emanating from Alchemy Crystal Bowls & Gongs during a lying down meditation might do for you! Deb and I have not only imagined it, we are making it available to you. The energy of our beautiful yoga room lends itself perfectly to meditation.

Bring whatever you need to be comfortable lying on the floor.
Classes start promptly at 7PM.