Ayurveda (literally translated to “the science of life”) is an Indian medical system that has been continuously practiced for over 5,000 years, and is the sister science to yoga. It’s foundations in nature and life’s natural rhythms make this science effective, even in the dynamic world we live in today. Ayurveda is considered “kitchen medicine” as it uses the simple yet effective tools of diet, lifestyle and herbal remedies to prevent and reverse sickness or disease of the mind, body and spirit.

Ayurveda focuses on understanding an individual through his or her own inborn qualities. Each person has their own formulation of qualities that makes them unique. Using this understanding, Ayurveda helps to prevent or reverse disease by bringing balance to any imbalanced qualities in the body. Imbalances can arise from serious occurrences like trauma, injury or sickness, but they can also appear from smaller prolonged effects of poor diet, lifestyle or self-care practices. These imbalances in the body eventually grow, and cause
“dis-ease” in the system.

The role of Ayurveda is to recognize these imbalances, small or large, and reverse their damage to bring harmony back to the body. With harmony, the body is able to function properly and efficiently, leaving one feeling happy, healthy and at peace.

If you are interested in discovering your own unique balance of qualities, or are looking for help with imbalances in your system, contact Lauren at Ayurveda Seacoast for more information.