FALL SCHEDULE 10/22-11/22 “30 Day Schedule”

Monday and Wednesday: 5:45 Express/ 8:30,5&7PM

Tuesday & Thursday:  5:45 90 min Bikram 8:30, 90 min Bikram   NEW 4:30 60 min 90 degree heated Vinyasa Flow & 6:00 PM 90 min Bikram Series.

Friday: 5:45 am Bikram Series, 8:30 am Bikram,

4:30 pm Bikram Series.

Sat: 7 :00 and 9:00  am Bikram Series

Sunday 9:00 am  and 5 PM Bikram Series.

SatDate: 10/20/2018From: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Saturday October 20th: 12pm-1:30pm
Transitions into Fall: Flow and restore with Sarah Oleson
Join International Yoga instructor Sarah Oleson for a slow flow vinyasa class to mindfully transition into the fall season. This practice will close with deeper, more restorative poses to rest and create space in the body. Open to all levels.